Love is love

Dear Seeker,

What if you found yourself caught between the Page of Wands and the Page of Cups? Would you go with fire, passion, and a love life that burns fast and strong or would you go with the Page of Cups and a love that is deep, caring, loyal but at time tumultuous and jealous? Which one would you choose?

The Lovers card is about making choices. Many readers interpret the card as finding one’s true love or soul-mate. To me, however, it signifies making the choices that are not always easy. We all like for things to go our way, but the one constant we can all depend on is that change is inevitable. Regardless of which lover we choose, our relationships change with time. Even the fire of the Page of Wands can’t last forever; we may feel burnt by the intensity, passion, and demands of someone who wants our constant attention. We may yearn for the nurturing, caring, and gentle hand of the Page of Cups who at times is needy, jealous, and insecure if we don’t lavish the love he needs from us.

Lovers cards in Tarot are tricky. Some display the traditional heterosexual couple facing each other while being blessed by angel; other decks show a man standing between two women, moments before making a choice of which one to follow. I like tarot decks that include additional or alternate Lovers cards to represent same-sex querents. Whether M/M or F/F, diversity is part of the tarot experience. Certainly, modern decks are becoming more sensitive to, and aware of different cultures and gender identities and include such representations in their cards. But I’ve yet to see a Marseilles deck make the leap into the modern era. Most of the French tarot decks I’m familiar with keep to, or stick with the original decks as closely as possible.

I love the Tarot de Marseilles, so in order to try to change things up a bit and get the ball rolling, as it were, here is my small, heretical contribution to bring the TdM up to the 21st century. In this card, the man in the Lover card is caught between two male figures. A choice must be made. Will it be the Page of Wands or the Page of Cups. Who would you choose?

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