Tarot Without Borders

Dear Seeker,

What would happen if the personages of the Tarot had the day or a night off? What would they do, or where would they go if they were allowed to exit the frame that contains their world? Would they live up to the meanings and definitions assigned to them in Tarot recipe books? Would they still be relevant with today’s social media and Internet snark? Or would they stand out and feel out of place in a world that probably forgot or left them behind.

This is what I’m trying to explore in a little project I call Tarot Without Borders. The object is to place Tarot figures in modern day settings and see what sort of exchange they would have. Some of it will be funny; other not so much. The point is that regardless of the situation, Tarot continues to be as relevant today as it was when it first appeared. The Arcana and the images contained in Tarot is timeless and its personages relevant no matter when or where. Tarot can still show our folly, point out our blind spots, and hold a mirror to who we are. So join me as I follow these personages around town to see what they do on their day or night off.

“No, Agnes. What your book says is wrong!”
“So, Harriet. What’s with the hat? Still trying to out do everyone at the table?”
“Another package selfie? Come on, guys! These drinks ain’t gonna mix themselves.”
“Guys, hush! I got this. I’m telling you; I have experience doing this.”

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