My name is Walter; I am a spirit advocate, cartomancer, and Tarot reader. Labyrinth Mystic is my personal and spiritual journal on the Internet. This site holds a collection of essays, photos, quotes, heresies, and restless thoughts about the art and craft of cartomancy, Tarot, divination, and the spiritual journey. I am also an energy healer, herbalist, writer, meditator, and part-time urban monk practicing the Art of Peace along an Unnamed Path.

I believe Tarot, along with other forms of divination, can guide and help us make crucial decisions at critical times. Like a trusted friend, Tarot can inform and guide us, providing objective and practical advice that helps us navigate turbulent moments of doubt and worry.

When reading Tarot, I take a pragmatic approach to the messages the cards deliver. I then share those insights and information to create a plan of action for the now that guides and informs the future we want to create. The future is a moving target we navigate toward; it is not something carved in stone. With the right information and tools, we cultivate actions, habits, and attitudes that help us avoid difficult situations. This way, we can work with obstacles and challenges that present themselves and turn them into opportunities for growth, success, and spiritual enlightenment.

Look around the site and browse through the articles posted in the Mystic’s Labyrinth blog pages, learn about books and card decks that influence my work, sign-up to receive updates about newly published posts, or send a message if you would like to share a personal story or experience. Everyone is welcome at my table regardless of garb, sexual orientation, nationality, spiritual practice, or creed.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you.

La Baraja del Brujo, v. 7

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