Sacred Bonfire

Begin here:
Deep in the woods, deep in the forest.
Listen to the sounds. Awaken your senses.
Quiet the mind. Rest your heart.
Take a deep breath and exhale.
You are home. You have nothing to fear.
There is nothing to dread.
The night is your Mother: let her embrace you.
The light is your nature: bask in it.
Listen! The ancestors are calling!
Open your heart!
Are you listening?

At the Sacred Bonfire, Priapus plays his flute, flaunting his erection, waving it with pride and lust, calling us to celebrate the Sacred Male Mysteries. For ages-eternal, he’s danced around the fire, calling to the men-who-love-men, inviting us to the sacred rituals and communion of brotherhood.


Since the dawn of man, when we first looked to the sky, Priapus looked to us as brothers. He need not look down at us for he is within us, one of us. Priapus is born of earth and mud, the love-seed of the Earth Mother and the Horned God of the Underworld who loves and cares for his children before, during, and after death. He is a child of the God of Light, Father Sky, who blesses him with vital energy and life.

Hail Priapus, god of male-male love, erections, fertility, vegetation, earth, seasons, lust! Invoke him by his myriad of names: Antinous, Pan, Cernunnos, Dionysus, Apollo, Xochipilli, Jesus, Ananda, Shiva, Horus, Hapy, Patroclus, Achilles, Adonis, Sebastian, Hyacinth, Iapis, Freyr, Herne, Tu Er Shen, Shinu No Hafuri, Ama No Hafuri, Chin, Gilgamesh + Enkidu, David + Jonathan … et sic porro.

We are men-who-love-men! We come to the Sacred Bonfire to bond, share our stories, celebrate the rites of brotherhood, meditate, and support our contemplative and spiritual practice. We come from different tribes, yet we are one Tribe. We come from different lands, yet we share a common ancestry.

Men who love men

Our ancestors are calling! Hear them speak! They are calling us to the Sacred Bonfire where we commune with men who came before, those who are present, and those who will follow. We have been and will always be, no matter the hatred and lies that try to erase us and our stories from history. We live because our stories are alive and because we tell them again and again around the Sacred Bonfire.

Dance with Priapus through the night, baring and sharing your soul, body, lust, love, semen, and hearts in a never-ending dance of male-male love.

We are called and drawn to the fire because it is primal, like our love. We come to the bonfire because here our lust is replenished and restored. Through dance, sweat, desire, semen, lust, sex, and ritual we are healed.

At the Sacred Bonfire our lust is replenished and restored.