Rex erection

Just as we rise every morning reaching for our erections to celebrate the sacred male mysteries, we begin anew rekindling Priapus’ Sacred Bonfire. Here, deep in the forest, to the beat of shamanic drums, surrounded by the ancestors of men-who-love-men, we join in the sacred dance as the fire’s flames rise to the heavens to meet the gods of yore.

Many have tried over the centuries to bury the secrets we share in this space. Wiped from history are the annals of the love, rites, and heritage of our Tribe. But just as our ancestors, we move and gather again and again to share in the mysteries and pass on the knowledge of the love that will not die. We remember the men, the priests, shamans, diviners, prophets, healers, and spiritual warriors whose seed runs in our blood and who watch over and guide us.

Our love will not be erased! Our love survives the test of time as we continue to meet, love, and share the erotic, tantric love between men. We endure as our ancestors did, and continue to reach out to the other men who share in the mysteries of sacred sexuality. We defy the orthodoxy, conventions, and dogma of toxic-patriarchy and reveal our loving nature to those who will join in our sacred dance.

As Priapus enters the sacred circle and joins in our dance, we celebrate flaunting our erections, dancing, loving, spilling the seed upon the ground that gave birth to us. We look up to the heavens and praise the gods of men-who-love-men for their blessings and wisdom. On we dance, spin, twirl like dervishes in a holy dance of flesh and spirit. Drunk with the sweat of our brothers, we tell the stories of our coming out, of our ancestors, of our daemons and familiars who guide us through the darkest nights of the soul.

Ours, tonight is a celebration of resurrection — of Rex erection. Priapus is among us once again, fully erect, proud, flaunting his penis for all to see. For even though they tried to wipe us out, we rise again confidently, with more resolve, erect, joyful in brotherhood. We’ll continue to love long after the fires have burned. Tonight, however, with Priapus’ Sacred Bonfire burning again, we take our penises in hand, we embrace each other in brotherhood, and we celebrate the Sacred Male Mysteries as reveled to us by our ancestors.