Liquid fire

As lover touches lover. Each touch a caress. Each touch a key. Unlocking, opening the body. Slowly. In movements holy and embracing. Two flutes play. Two men open. Light giving.

Light receiving. The light of orgasm a liquid-fire gift. In the act of giving semen, a garment of light is given. A shield, a protection, “Cover me,” a lover says. “I cover you,” his lover answers, “in a garment of light, a garment of love energy.”

In the giving and receiving of liquid-fire, the circuits of water are transformed, are opened. “I give you liquid-fire,” says the lover. Passing light energy to his lover. And from below, the column rises. In him, in his lover.

The energy of orgasm rises. In the one who opens energy rises upward. Opening and cleansing. Rising up through the body. Rising up and pouring out like a fountain through the top of his head. So that each is blessed in the giving. And when two open together, in circles, the energy cleanses.

— Andrew Rammer. Two Flutes Playing. Lethe Press