Priapus Rex is a spiritual warrior, brujo, healer, diviner, herbalist, scrivener, meditator, geek, and part-time urban monk. He practices the Art of Peace along an Unnamed Path and explores the Sacred Male Mysteries through tantric sensual exercises, solosexuality, nudist nature walks, intimate male touch, swimming nude in the ocean, and enjoying the company of other spiritual seekers.

Sacred Bonfire is a journal about the Sacred Male Mysteries. Inspired by the Greek god of fertility known for his oversized and permanent erection, and by queer-affirming spirituality, this site explores gay-affirming sacred, sexual, erotic, tantric, and sensual male spirituality in its forms and manifestations. The site is a personal and spiritual journal. Here are a collection of heresies, essays, fictions, photos, quotes, musings, and restless thoughts about topics that matter to me. As you read the posts and look through the imagery, find a word or a phrase that sparks a deeper idea or feeling that reflects your own truth. I don’t hold these views as absolute or self-evident, but think of them as springboards to inner reflection and as conversation starters.

It’s my hope that in creating this site and exploring the sacred male mysteries while encouraging a sacred sexual and gay-affirming spirituality that I can find other spiritual warriors in search of a brotherhood who share the same restlessness in following a spiritual journey that nurtures our spirits and cultivates love for all types of men.

Priapus at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

This site is a sacred space to ponder, question, and share insights with spiritual warriors on the path to enlightenment. Be it by meditation, masturbation, tantra, solosexuality, tribal dancing, shamanic journeying, or group ritual, here is where I share with my brothers and fellow seekers the views, discoveries, and insights I have in my journey. Within you’ll find topics that are dear to me like gay-affirming spirituality, the erotic sacred, the holy male, gay-male mysteries, divination oracles, gay/queer spirit, magical practices, gay tantra, herbal and energy healing, along with contemplative photography practices. Join me and let’s walk the path together.

I wish you love, joy, connection, and transcendence in your journey.

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At the Sacred Bonfire, around which Priapus plays his flute dancing to the beat of shamanic drumming, we welcome and love men for who they are — regardless of garb. We respect and welcome cis- and trans- gender men, and any man who loves men. We acknowledge that men come in different shapes and colors, and that our tribe is enriched and stronger because of our diversity. We honor our ancestors, whose seed runs in our blood, because they taught us to love men. We reject toxic-masculinity and all its beliefs and attitudes that shame or denigrate any man (or woman) because of their style of dress, cultural heritage, skin color, mannerism, sexual preference or identity, body type, dick size, sexual role, personal beliefs, or professional employment. Everyone is welcome at the Sacred Bonfire!